lectro-Hydraulic Control

Key Features

Reliability caused by independence from pipeline pressure as power source










Standard equipped with following signals and contacts:
ESD Signal “Emergency-Shut-Down”
• Remote & Local PST “Partial Stroke Test”
• APST “Automatic-Partial-Stroke-Test”
• Remote & Local open
• Remote & Local close
• Pressure alarm (hydraulic pressure is below the minimum
  allowed value)
• Voltage alarm (fuse or voltage failure)
• Oil-Level-Protection (oil charging level below min.)
• Motor pump will stop by this alarm
• Optional free configurable signals available
• Individual customer signals
All control signals available by 24VDC hardwire and / or via integrated Software-Solution. The technology provides steady accessibility and monitoring is all process required signals.



Standard equipped with follow hardware components:
• Designed for hazardous areas
• Stainless steel control cabinets with min. IP65
• ATEX certified electric control system
• 2 off 3-way solenoid valves with hand operated lever
voltages on request)
• Electric motor pump 400V AC/ 3 Phase 50 Hz (optional voltages
  on request)
• Hydraulic hand pump for emergency operation in case of power
  failure or pressure drop
• Hydraulic accumulator (bladder or piston type) sized on client
  demand for numbers of required powerless strokes
Standard power range from 750W up to 4 kW and from 1000 - 3000
turns in single and three phases.








Direct Current Motor


Explosion-proof motors for use in potentially explosive atmospheres Custom-made,

flameproof “EExd” electric motors for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, such as fuel dispensing pumps, vapour recovery pumps, paint stirrers, ventilation, offshore….. – wherever an explosion risk is present due to gases or dust.

General design: EEx d IIB T6 to T3
Optional motor types available with IIC certification.

Three-phase motors, single phase motors with permanent and/or start capacitors. Permanent magnet DC motors and DC motors with fi eld coil. High starting and high maximum torque: the motor will drive any type of pump, even in lowvoltage conditions. Continuous or intermittent duty. Built-in thermal protector, automatic or manual reset. Optional builtin power relay. Oil resistant cable and fl ame proof gland for easy connection.

Power range from 40W up to 2,2 kW and from 2-pole to 16-pole speed in single and three phase. C motors up to 1000W, 12V to 180V DC.






GUI (Grafic-User-Interface) and Software-Solution
Individual configuration over Ethernet-Controller TCP/IP and digital input/output system


Achieve the visualization over the IP-Address
with a common internet browser.


• Optional upgradeable digital and analog
   I/O‘s for multi flexibility
• Bidirectional Ethernet interface
• Integrated web-server for
   web-visualization, auto reset by system
   error (Watchdog)
• Providing easy access to the system in
   offshore applications
• Access to the visu and configuration by
• Automatic PST (partial-stroke-test) with
  reset function
• High flexibility by our input/output system







The PDC is provided with a local operator output device, made of four signalisation lamps and one 4 lines / 20 characters LCD display and input device made of 3 stainless steel push- buttonson the front panel.


Communication port is provided for connection to PC or Laptop, to execute parameter confi guration, variables visualisation or down-load of recorded event data for further analysis of pipeline behaviour.

The pressure transmitter (2-wire) is supplied with the PDC for installation downstream of the line shut-off valve.

Furthermore the PDC is suitable for use with fail safe commands in case of exceeding high pressure set point or falling under low pressure set point.


Main technical characteristics


  • Application medium: gas and liquids
  • Working pressure: 0 to 300 bar
  • Pressure drop rate: from 0.1 to 10 bar / min
  • Valve stroke delay: from 0 to 999 sec.






Assembly & Installation